THOENI Environmental Energy Engineering

Since 1991, Thöni Environmental Energy Engineering has been developing systems for the generation of bioenergy from organic waste. The company supplies complete plants for the production of biogas and bioelectricity using high solids or wet anaerobic digestion anaerobic processes. Individual solutions enable to make the most out of generating energy from waste.


Market leader in mechanical and biological waste treatment. ProfiKomp® specializes in the utilization of biodegradable waste applying aerobic technologies such as composting, mechanical-biological stabilization and drying. It is among the top five global distributors of GORE membrane technology. Has 20 years of experience in the industry and over 60 installations, also in Poland.


The unquestionable leader in the technology of processing leachate from landfills, composting plants, fermentation installations and industry.


One of the European market leaders in optical sorting. The most sensitive devices on the market. The cheapest operating costs. Several dozen implementations in Poland.


Strong partners in the field of environmental technology – biogas, who offer, among others: airtight buffer tanks for organic waste.


An expert in sorting technology.

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