The changes currently taking place in the environmental protection market and in the power industry, including district heating, lead to the integrated solution of related problems at the local level within the „Smart City”concept.

As part of this idea, we propose integrated environmental protection (or municipal services) systems using energy from waste in local thermal conversion facilities, which are the solution to the problems we are currently facing, namely:
– waste management – for the management of non-recyclable or reusable fractions of municipal waste,
– district heating – especially in energy inefficient systems, where coal is burned in municipal boiler plants and significant capital expenditure will be required to meet new emission standards,
– water and sewage management – when managing sludge from municipal sewage treatment plants.

Our proposed integrated system uses local renewable energy resources found in municipal waste, sewage sludge and biomass.

We offer technologies of renowned suppliers with references in the field of thermal processing of this type of waste in low power units (up to 20MW). These solutions are characterized by a high degree of process automation and the highest standards in terms of emissions.

By integrating the system we will take care of its optimal adaptation to local conditions, together with the application of the latest IT techniques allowing for its efficient management.

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